YSlow performance grade: F (33)

Holy crap. I was bored at lunch time so I started visiting some random brazilian sites and looking at their YSlow performance grades. has a performance grade of 33.

Biggest issues that I can see:

  • Tons and tons of HTTP requests (8 external js files; 9 external css files; 79 (!!!) CSS background images)
  • Most images have a 20 minute expire time
  • No compression is going on for HTML/JS/CSS code
  • Everything being served from the same hostname
  • No minified JS code
  • ETags are enabled

At least they are avoiding CSS expressions :)

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  1. Kit Sunde said,

    July 7, 2008 @ 3:07 pm

    I have a simlar habbit except for Swedish websites, I find it amazing that websites can get updated for years on end without modernizing their codebase.

    Heres one I like to throw around that I once wrote a paper on:
    Score 29.
    Hey atleast they only put 2 out of 14 js files in the head. :P

    If you want a laugh view code and look at the value for the input on line 44.

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