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Old Eventum Banner Ads

Back when Eventum was still a commercial product of mine, I tried to create some banner ads to try to promote the product. I just found some old copies lying around on my web server:

normal 468x60 banner

And some vertical banners that I would use on my weblog:

vertical banner #1
vertical banner #2

Isn’t that adorable? :)

Couldn’t agree more!

Check Fredrik Lundh’s review of Chandler. I personally couldn’t agree more!

Impressions on Chandler

Wow, I just tried the first release (0.1) of Chandler and boy, it needs to improve a lot. Whenever I first heard of this new project it seemed kind of interesting, with the whole peer to peer concept applied to PIM applications.

However, the system seemed pretty slow and un-responsive. I love writing stuff in Python (see my NTTP server project written in 100% pure Python), but I’m thinking that a scripting language was not the best choice for Chandler.

I understand that this is the first release of Chandler, and that things will change a lot in further releases, but I didn’t get impressed with any of the available features.

Not every day…

It’s not every day that you find a truly amazing piece of software that makes you jealous for not having something as polished as that. Take a look on silverorange‘s Intranet software demonstration and see for yourself.

I hope one day I have enough money to get a good designer to help me improve Eventum‘s interface. I want something as polished as that one!