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Generating Graphs with PHP and Google Charts API

Ludwig Pettersson has a really good overview of the Google Charts API, and how you can integrate your PHP scripts with it. He created a PHP library that wraps around the API, and makes it really easy to generate graphs that way.

I’m not sure if I would move away from JpGraph to this new library, but it seems really cool no matter what. I guess it could be an option if you wanted to avoid doing all of the manual work associated with different types of graphs, and offload some graph generation to Google.

A quick introduction to Google’s internal systems

This is a really cool presentation given by Naveen Viswanatha, a Sales Engineer at Google. It goes into a very detailed introduction of Google’s internal systems, and how they encourage communication and collaboration between employees.

I found it fascinating how evolved these internal systems are, and specially how the speaker never has to get out of his browser to do anything, be it edit a document, schedule a meeting, etc. You can find the original PDF of the presentation here.