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Open Flash Chart – alternative to Google Chart API

Open Flash Chart is a free (GPL) flash charting tool that serves as yet another alternative to the Google Chart API. There is an intrinsic advantage here because you are not relying on an external service for your functionality.

The graph examples look really cool, so this is definitely something I will consider for a future project.

SWFUpload: upload files via Flash

This is a really cool project that I found out through Jonathan Boutelle’s presentation at SXSW’08 called AJAX and Flash mistakes. That’s basically what they use on Slideshare to upload documents to their system.

It seems pretty useful, and I’m already thinking about using it in a few projects in the future. You can find more details about it on the homepage.

My only concern is that in some scenarios you may want to avoid a hard dependency on Flash, but for consumer sites it seems like a safe choice.

Usable flash photo slideshows with Monoslideshow

I found out about Monoslideshow at, a web site that was featured in the Web Design Index 7 book.

It looks really cool and quite simple to use. I like how the browsing controls are hidden away and they show up when you hover the mouse pointer over the picture. I didn’t try setting this up myself, but just by reading through the documentation at their website, I also like that you can customize the hell out of it by writing a simple XML configuration file.

SE|PY is a must for Actionscript developers

I’ve started working with Flash a bit lately for some features we are adding to Insightory, and I quickly noticed how bad the built-in “Actions” panel in Flash CS3 really is.

While watching a video tutorial up on (highly recommended, by the way!), I learned about SE|PY, an Actionscript text editor written in pure Python and based on top of Scite.

It’s a very good editor, complete with support for multiple open documents in the same window as separate tabs, Actionscript code syntax highlighting, code snippets, file browser and even support for Flash CS3 project files. It’s a perfect replacement for the built-in editor.