Eventum 1.6.1 Released!

We released 1.6.1 last friday with these changes:

РFixed the installation procedure to add the INDEX privilege to the MySQL user (Jọo)
– Fixed bug with handling HTML characters in Internal FAQ entries (Bryan)
– Fixed bug displaying priority in current filters (Bryan)
– Added feature to set X-Eventum-Type header in new assignment email (Bryan)
– Fixed bug that allowed users to access attachments, custom fields, phone calls and time tracking from issues they did not have access too (Bryan)
– Added new workflow method to check if an address should be emailed (Bryan)
РFixed the issue searching routine to properly handle disabled fulltext search and customer integration features (Jọo)
РImproved the IRC Bot script to be easier to configure (Jọo)
– Added feature to update issue assignment, status and release for multiple issues at the same (Bryan)
– Fixed labels on workload by date range graphs (Bryan)
– Added feature to highlight quoted replies in notes and emails using smarty plugin from Joscha Feth (Bryan)
РUpdated the bundled XML-RPC library to the latest PEAR 1.4.0 release (Jọo)

The most important change is this last one above. The XML-RPC library from PEAR, which we were bundling to make installations easier, was changed so it wouldn’t use that nasty eval() code.

We strongly recommend users to upgrade to 1.6.1 as soon as possible. Download 1.6.1 now.

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