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Random interesting things from MySQL Conf 2008

Some interesting projects / products I learned while attending the MySQL Conference 2008:

  • PDO_MYSQLND – A new PDO extension that is compatible with PDO_MySQL, but uses the mysqlnd library to deal with the database server.
  • DbUnit – an extension to standard PHPUnit to deal with database-related unit tests.
  • Buildbot – cool little utility that lets you automate a lot of tasks to achieve continuous integration of software projects. I need to play with this and see if it would work for some of our unit tests.
  • Varnish – a new high-performance reverse proxy, kind of like Squid, but made for this type of work.

Took me a while to publish this draft :(

Velocity conference announces speakers and sessions

Looks like O’Reilly has announced the list of speakers and sessions for the upcoming Velocity conference. The sessions seem really interesting, so I’ll try to get my company to send me to this conference.

Registration before May 5th entitles you to an early bird discount, bringing the total to $1,145.00. Pretty expensive for a two day conference. I also hoped that there would be a session specific to YSlow (and the 13 performance rules), but no luck.

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