My name is João Prado Maia and I’m a software engineer living in The Woodlands, Texas. I love working on interesting challenges in web development, and my favorite tools of the trade are PHP, Smarty and MySQL.

Over the past few years I have played a lot with JavaScript and Web 2.0 development in general. I think Prototype and are the coolest little libraries to come along in a long time. I’m now also playing around in Objective-C and Cocoa, writing applications for the iPhone.

Nobody can quite pronounce my name correctly (unless you speak Portuguese), so it was amusing finding a Google Answers entry on how to do it. There’s even a small sound file with an example!

Some of my current projects include:

Other projects that I don’t work on anymore, or spend very little time on:

Also, I wrote a few articles on programming that were published by the O’Reilly Network. See my resume for the actual URLs.