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Opera Dragonfly – alternative to Firebug for Opera?

Opera Dragonfly seems interesting, in a weird nobody-cares-but-the-perfectionist-web-developer way. I don’t know anyone that still uses Opera (I never did), and I don’t usually get complaints from Opera users on sites that I manage, so I’m not sure how useful this could be.

Still, seems kind of cool and provides some of the features that exist in Firebug for Opera users.

Cuzillion – easy page structure performance testing

This is kind of old by now, but Cuzillion is still an interesting little tool that can help developers trying to figure out critical paths in their XHTML code. This tool allows you to see if including an external script after a CSS file results in extra time to render a web page, for instance.

Steve’s demonstration of this tool at this year’s Velocity conference was very cool.

Using Selenium RC with multiple users

Zachary Fox (from Alert Logic too) wrote a very good tutorial on how to run Selenium RC to execute unit tests in a team environment.

If you have multiple users running unit tests concurrently against the same Selenium RC server, some nasty things may happen. Zach explains how to properly setup multiple Selenium RC servers, so everyone can work on their own server.

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