IE8 performance improvements

Steve Souders wrote some thoughts on performance improvements happening in IE8, with their change to support 6 parallel downloads from the same hostname at the same time.

Previously IE would download and execute the JavaScript files in sequence, to make sure that no changes to the DOM would happen in the wrong order. Now IE8 downloads all script files in parallel (up to the new limit of 6 downloads at a time), and then will execute them in sequence.

According to Steve, there’s a big difference for some sites. Facebook for instance takes a 80% performance gain while using IE8 and having an empty cache.

By the way, I didn’t know Steve had a blog — Subscribed.

A quick introduction to Google’s internal systems

This is a really cool presentation given by Naveen Viswanatha, a Sales Engineer at Google. It goes into a very detailed introduction of Google’s internal systems, and how they encourage communication and collaboration between employees.

I found it fascinating how evolved these internal systems are, and specially how the speaker never has to get out of his browser to do anything, be it edit a document, schedule a meeting, etc. You can find the original PDF of the presentation here.

Prototype / book

We purchased a copy of this book a few months ago when it was still being written, so we got some “beta” copies of it in PDF format. It’s a very good book, with way more detail than what you can find in the Prototype documentation site.

Highly recommended.

Web App Testing with Selenium

I gave a presentation yesterday about using Selenium (IDE, RC, etc) for testing web applications, and I have uploaded the PPT to Slideshare. If you missed the meeting last night, you can read the presentation below.

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