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A quick introduction to Google’s internal systems

This is a really cool presentation given by Naveen Viswanatha, a Sales Engineer at Google. It goes into a very detailed introduction of Google’s internal systems, and how they encourage communication and collaboration between employees.

I found it fascinating how evolved these internal systems are, and specially how the speaker never has to get out of his browser to do anything, be it edit a document, schedule a meeting, etc. You can find the original PDF of the presentation here.

Prototype / book

We purchased a copy of this book a few months ago when it was still being written, so we got some “beta” copies of it in PDF format. It’s a very good book, with way more detail than what you can find in the Prototype documentation site.

Highly recommended.

Web App Testing with Selenium

I gave a presentation yesterday about using Selenium (IDE, RC, etc) for testing web applications, and I have uploaded the PPT to Slideshare. If you missed the meeting last night, you can read the presentation below.

Random interesting links

iPhone web app: Bookstore stock search

I built a small web application specifically for the iPhone last year to search the availability of a book in bookstores. I think I came up with the idea for it when I was at a local Barnes & Noble store, couldn’t find what I was looking for, and wondered if another store close by had it in stock.

The application works by allowing the user to search for a nearby Barnes & Noble store based on a zip code, and also allows you to search the stock of those nearby bookstores for a book, given its ISBN.

Try it out now and let me know what you think.

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