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Total download size for a web page

I understand that there is ‘Page Info -> Size’ in Firefox, but that only gives me the total size of the current HTML page, and not for the total download required for all bits and pieces on that page.

I want something that will tell me that there is 5kb in the HTML source, with 2kb more in CSS and 3kb in JavaScript code, for instance.

Anyone know of anything that would do this?

Microsoft wants to patent smilies

According to Om (and the US Patents Office), Microsoft wants to patent the emoticons. Now I don’t get surprised by anything anymore, but I think it’s pretty amusing to imagine whoever was in charge of this:

*Some random legal office*
Jim: Hey Susan, how’s the emoticon project going?
Susan: Oh, finally submitted it to the patents office.
Jim: Excellent!

Good thing Despair, Inc. trademarked the frownie.

Previously on Battlestar Gallatica

Can someone explain to me why we need the extra 2-3 minutes worth of “previously on B.G.” on each episode? I mean, if you lost the previous episode, those 2 minutes are not enough for you to be satisfied anyway. Any geek addicted to this series would simply try to download a torrent of the previous episode, so could we please stop this nonsense? I want those 2-3 minutes for actual fresh content!

PSP games sales numbers smaller than expected?

So I was just reading about the sales statistics regarding the PSP and it seems a bit off to me:

+ 5.07 million PSPs sold worldwide
+ 2.74 million PSPs sold in US
+ 2.33 million PSPs sold in Japan

+ 11.2 million PSP games sold worldwide
+ 7.3 million PSP games sold in US
+ 3.9 million PSP games sold in Japan
+ 48 PSP games released to date
+ 150 available games by March 31, 2006

+ 4.3 million UMD movies sold in US
+ 400,000 UMD movies sold in Japan

Just look at the game sales, either in the US or Japan. That tells me that the average is about 1.5 games per PSP sold, and I expected more (even though I bought just one game myself). Maybe it’s a sign that the current available games are not that attractive to gamers?

It’s also pretty amazing how small the number of UMD movies sold in Japan is..

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